Bulls-eye Bears


Abby Templeman

Have you ever considered playing archery at school? Here at Butler we have a great archery team with a great coach! Butler Alumni, Parker Vincent, started coaching the team for the first time this school year. Parker went to college at the University of Louisville and then to the University of the Cumberlands for his graduate degree. He graduated last year and is currently a history teacher here at Butler.

Unfortunately, it is too late to join the team for competitive archery because regionals are 3 weeks away. However, if you are willing to learn some archery skills anyone is welcome to attend their practices! You are not expected to bring your own equipment, but it is appreciated to have your own.

Coach Vincent said, “Archery is an equal opportunity sport”. You do not need any experience with the sport at all, you can be totally new at it! As of right now, the team practices 2 days a week, but it will increase throughout the school year. There are currently around 50 students on the team. Coach Parker said, “New people that are wanting to join the team will see that archery is a structured sport and you will need to understand the safety precautions”. Joining the archery team will guarantee you a great time and will also be a lot of fun!

Phot0 by: Kaylee Frith