Two Seniors and Their Desire to Dance


Katie Templeman

You may have heard about our Butler Sugar Bears, they perform at many of our pep rallies and football games. I interviewed Iyahna Howard and Laura Johns from the twelfth grade who are currently on the dance team. I asked them “What is it like to be on the Butler dance team?” and Iyahna said, “ I would describe the dance team as sort of like a sisterhood. As dancers and teammates, we go through a lot together. We practice and perform at games, pep rallies, and competitions. Dance season is also very long so we grow closer together and become stronger dancers throughout the year.” Laura said, “It’s a really cool experience being on the dance team. You get to experience football games and dancing on the sidelines but also competitions. As frustrating as the practices can get I wouldn’t trade the outcome in friendships for anything.” Iyahna said, “ The dance team is motivated by our coaches and our desire to be better dancers. Mrs. Jones is our sponsor and is always there for us. She motivates us to be better individuals and push ourselves past our limits. I’m thankful for Mrs. Jones stepping up and seeing all the potential we have. Coach Carrie or commonly refereed to as Coach Berry also motivates us and has us come up with individual and team goals in order for us to succeed.” This is how the dance team is motivated. 

I asked Laura “What are some of the major accomplishments the dance team has accomplished?” Laura said, “ The dance team has had a lot of accomplishments. We’ve gotten first place in countless competitions but overall was winning state last year. Going up against all those teams at state and coming out as number one is a feeling I can’t even explain. It’s genuinely amazing.” Iyahna said, “Kentucky Dance Coaches Organization (KDCO) regionals, we had the highest score of the competition and hip-hop, beating our rivals PRP. This was a big milestone for us because we realized that even though the odds were against us, we beat them and came out on top. This victory motivates us to keep working hard to prepare for KDCO state. Last year we were state champs, so our goal is to be back to back state champs. The only way we can achieve that is if we keep working hard and not let certain circumstances get in our way. I believe in this team!”

The dance team practice is 3 to 4 times a week. Iyahna said, “We have technique every Monday to help us improve on our leaps and turns. The rest of the practices we have are dedicated to learning routines for games and pep rallies and most importantly, preparing for our competitions. Sometimes we have extra practices before competition to help improve our skills.” I asked Laura “How does the dance team look up to coach Berry?” Laura said, “ Well Carrie coached my freshman year and is back for this year. We all appreciate her stepping in because the team lost a coach for a while and without her we wouldn’t be where we are.” Iyahna and Laura are both captains on the dance team. Laura dances in their hip hop and jazz dance at competitions. She said, “ One of my strongest points in dancing is my turns though!” Iyahna said, “As a senior on the dance team, I am one of the captains. As captain, my job is to be a leader and motivate my teammates in a positive way. The team respects and trusts the captains because we are in charge of leading the team in the right direction. As a captain, I want to ensure everything is going right because I love this team with all my heart.” 

Can the dance team pull off another state title this year? I think they can!