Team Magic Hands


Chris Mattingly

You may know Keith Price as a custodian but he has a very unique story that many might not know before he came to Butler Traditional High School.  

Mr. Keith, or Grandmaster Price as he is known, is widely considered a Louisville Martial Arts Legend. He has practiced Wing Chun Martial Arts for 40 years and counting.  He studied under several martial arts icons such as Grandmasters Henry Cook, Nathaniel Coleman, Lloyd Johnson, and Sonny King. Grandmaster Price has lead five different teams to the Bluegrass Nationals, a tournament featuring some of the world’s best martial arts teams.  He has trained more than 30 black belts and 600 students.  

In 1990 he founded his own form of self-defense called Magic Hands and open a school to teach the new form.  Magic Hands uses techniques from various fighting styles. It is a graceful, powerful and devasting martial art that enables warriors of any size to conquer and defeat its opponent.  These aspects make Magic Hands a great form to teach people of all ages and sexes who hope to increase their self-defense capabilities.

In 2000, Mr. Keith was inducted into the Bluegrass National World Hall of Fame, an honor for the word’s elite martial art fighters and instructors. He was inducted with several illustrious names one including Joe Lewis, the famous martial artist/ kick boxer.

When asked about his amazing experiences in martial arts, Mr. Keith replied, “It was my dream, growing up I knew that’s what I wanted to do.  I wanted to teach and give back. For some of my students, I was all they had. I just wanted to share the love and be humble.”

Outside of school one of Mr. Keith’s favorite activities is going catfishing at the lake. He goes almost every weekend.

Mr. Keith continues to be a positive mentor today but in a different role.  For the past 19 years, he has been a custodian for JCPS. Five of those years have been at Butler.  Mr.Keith can always be seen with a smile on his face and a good morning for everyone. “I love what I do, the kids are great, I just try to be here for them.”   Mr. Keith is indeed one of a kind. We thank you “Mr. Grandmaster Keith Price” for all of your hard work and kindness you provide for all of us at Butler.

One of Mr. Keith’s favorite quotes in life is: “Do not concentrate on this or you will lose all of the heavenly glory out there” -Bruce Lee 

Mr. Keith would also like to give a special acknowledgment to the following martial art instructors and schools: 

Grandmaster Henry Cook 

Grandmaster Lloyd Johnson 

Grandmaster Nathaniel Coleman

Grandmaster Chuck Cowan 

Grandmaster Sonny King 

Grandmaster Michael Suds 

Grandmasters Anthony and Noreen Price 

Tiger Strike Martial Arts Academy 

Dillon’s Karate 

All-City Karate 

Arabia Knight Karate 

Dragon’s Path School Of Martial Arts. 

Priceless Martial Arts Academy (Cincinnati OH)

Team Swat (Dayton OH)