Artist in the Making


Brookes Masterpiece!

Abby Templeman

Brooke White is a senior here at Butler, who has a special talent! Brooke is a gifted artist who has so much potential. She fell in love with art and started to get serious with this passion during her sophomore year of high school. That’s when she realized she was good at drawing and that she enjoys it.

Brooke participated in the Kentucky Derby Museum’s yearly “Horsing Around With Art” contest. This contest is a way for students to showcase their artistic abilities. She created a piece of art with a pen and watercolors. Her watercolor piece symbolized an exercise rider on top of a race horse. She won the Backside Award and won a few prizes. Brooke won brand new art supplies, backside passes the Sunday of Derby week, and $500 to Butler. This gives her an opportunity to see the backside of the racetrack.

Brooke said that there is no meaning behind her piece. She just wanted to work on conformation. She said, “I believe that between both the horse and jockey that it would be good practice for me”. Brooke says, “I thought it was a really cool experience being able to be recognized for something I made!” She loved being able to see other artists and having her work showcased in a museum. The school would like to congratulate Brooke for her hard work and accomplishment!