The Voice of an Inspiring Bear

Abby Templeman

Butler High School has some amazing students and one of those students is Victoria Brown, but most of you know her as Gracie. Gracie is involved in many things at Butler. She’s on the Varsity swim team, a member of choir, a member of the National Honors Society and Beta club. For those of you who didn’t know Butler High School has an amazing choir program. Gracie is Co President of the Choir Council. She has a strong passion for choir and has made some of her favorite memories being in the group! Gracie said, “I loved all of our concerts and trips. In particular our KMEA this past year because I got to participate in two choirs which both received a distinguished rating”. Choir is her favorite class and she has taken it for four years. The class has made a big impact on her life and she said, “It’s not a class anymore, it’s my home away from home. When I step into that room I feel that I can be myself without fear of judgment”.

Not only did Butler’s choir have such a positive impact on Gracie, many of the teachers have too! A few of her favorite teachers at Butler are Mrs. Jones and Mr. Monsma. She has known both of them since freshman year and they have been a big inspiration for her. She has a great sense of trust in both of them and said, “If I have a problem, or if something happens, I have teachers who I can talk to”. Both teachers push Gracie to be her best and they encourage her in everything she does. Mrs. Jones and Mr. Monsma are a big reason Gracie is pursuing education as her college major. She said, “Seeing the impact they make on their students is truly amazing. I couldn’t have imagined these past four years without them”.

Outside of school Gracie is involved at her church, whether it’s doing fun activities with her youth group, or going to Sunday night choir practices. She also babysits for lots of her friends and family and even has a great job, she works at Beth Haven’s Child Development Center. She said, “I have always enjoyed working with kids, so going to work is always the highlight of my day. I love the environment and the people. I couldn’t have asked for a better job”. Gracie is such an inspiring young woman who will make a difference in today’s world.

During quarantine she has been trying to find new things to do to keep herself entertained. She has been walking a couple miles a day to keep herself in shape and finding little crafts to do such as knitting and making picture coasters. She has been staying positive during this time by focusing on her mental health. She has also been reflecting on herself and thinking about the next steps in her life. Gracie has been constantly communicating with people who encourage her, and is now finding ways to return the favor and encourage them. She would like to say thank you to her friends and family for continuing to support her in everything she does!

Edited By: Trey Seibert