Covid-19 Strong

Katie Templeman

Morgan Harper is a 17 year old Junior at Butler. This school year has been cut short and it has been a tough time for many of us, but Morgan wants to share something positive with us, “COVID-19 has sucked but there are a few positive things like being closer to my family and it has shown me how you should never take anything in life for granted.” I asked Morgan what were you looking forward to the rest of the school year? She said, “I was really looking forward to prom, baseball games, and just being with my friends. Those things make me happy and I do all of those activities with my friends.” Morgan looks forward to next school year, hopefully things are back to normal. Morgan misses seeing her favorite teachers, friends, team members, going to games, and being involved. “I miss all of the great memories I make at school and I want to get back to making more.”

During this time off from school, Morgan likes to workout, run, hang with her family, and likes to tan outside. Morgan describes herself as a very outgoing person, an extrovert, and likes to help as many people as she can. I asked Morgan who do you look up too and she said, “I look up to my pawpaw, he is always there to put a smile on someone’s face and teach me all about life. He pushes me through every hard day with a smile and never gives up, but soccer wise I look up to Alex Morgan. She is a great Player and always knows what to do with the ball, when it is at her feet. Even while pregnant she is putting in work. She has great dedication.” I asked Morgan, do you like this new online school learning? She said, “No, I don’t like it because I learn so much better in person. You have to have good time management to get it all done.”

Morgan has been on the soccer team all three years and is number 11 on the field. The Butler soccer team has been staying positive by talking to each other, sending the team motivation to stay in shape, and TikToks. Chris Hodson is the girls soccer coach and Morgan said, “He helps us stay positive all the time even before COVID-19. He is always there for us on and off the field. He is a person we can all talk to and he is always there for us not just making us better players but better people.” I asked, how has the soccer team been able to stay in shape and prepare themselves for next year? She said, “Before COVID-19, the soccer team would condition 3 days a week, but now that we can’t as a team we are working out at home and getting touches on the ball. All of this to hopefully lead us to a successful season.”

Edited By: Trey Seibert