Keeping Up with Kylee

Tori Hartlage

Kylee Byrne is a senior here at Butler Traditional High School. She has been here since Freshman year and couldn’t wait to make her senior year the best year of her high school career. Now, with everything going on, Kylee and the rest of us seniors aren’t getting to do all the senior activities planned for us because of Covid-19. Although this is very unfortunate for the class of 2020, Kylee is trying to stay as positive and as healthy as she can.

During this time off Kylee has been doing yard work around her house and staying in touch with her friends. She has been obviously super bored since we can’t go out and see our friends or do anything now that everything is closed. Kylee, thankfully, hasn’t been going out anywhere either to where she can spread or get the virus because she wants it to end just as badly as all of us.

What Kylee misses most about school is seeing her friends and making memories that she can one day look back on. She is upset about not being able to do what all was planned for us seniors, but she is staying fortunate about it because she knows that our school will do anything and everything they can to try and give us something we deserve when the time is right.

Edited By: Trey Seibert