Inspiring Sisters

Olivia Patterson

Our school has no shortages of people that deserve a spotlight, but these sisters have definitely caught my eye.  Bridgett and Sydney Willman represent a big part of our schools dynamic, which is why they deserve this spotlight.

Bridgett is a sophomore and a part of our Girls Soccer team, she currently is missing her friends and team more than ever. She says that moving into the NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) period has made her lose touch with many of the people she used to talk to on a daily basis. Bridgett says that doing NTI makes things harder to learn it without having a full lesson on the assignments. She misses after school soccer practices and attending some of the Best Buddy events. She says that now her days consist of homework and taking care of their new addition….

Since the beginning of being out of school, their family has recently taken on a new addition in fostering a baby boy. This has posed new challenges for them and their family. They have been trying to keep a positive mindset and trying to use this as an opportunity for family time.

Sydney is a senior and a member of our Unified Cheerleading team. Sydney has Joubert Syndrome, but she doesn’t let that bring her spirits down. She uses the Best Buddy program to her advantage and because of it she has made many friends in the process. Her Unified Cheerleading team offers her more ways to connect with friends, and provides the school with more spirit! Since the start of NTI she has continued to do her work online like the rest of us. For Sydney, she says she really enjoys the work being online because before she was doing most of her work online already but now she is able to do school on her own schedule and can do it at home. However, she also says that she is missing out on her senior year and misses her friends very much.

Edited By: Trey Seibert