A Shining Star

Katie Templeman

Allen Greenwell is a senior at Butler Traditional High School. Allen describes himself as an outgoing person who loves to socialize, especially if he knows you. “I can easily talk to people. I am a hardworking individual that doesn’t give up, even when it gets hard. I am a caring and kind-hearted person who you can come to for advice, or to vent/rant.” Allen was involved in the Higher Purpose Group and he was a part of the student council junior, freshman, and sophomore year. He was also on the football team. I asked who is your role model? And he said, “My role model is my mom, it’s basic yes but she has shown me over the last 8 years since I have been adopted that no matter the age or circumstances, you can still achieve your dream that you may have wanted. She has taught me how to prioritize a lot better, to be more organized. She has shown me life isn’t going to be easy, but all you can do is take one step at a time and adapt along the way.” 

During this time off from school Allen enjoys being able to spend more time with family since he has a little more time to do so. He also enjoys being able to work a little more as well. Allen wants to share something positive about COVID-19 and he said, “Something positive that has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is that I have had the opportunity to become closer with family, and some friends as well. I have been able to work on broken relationships and mend them.” I asked Allen if he liked online learning and he said, “To a certain extent I do like online learning because it is at your own pace, but I also don’t necessarily like it because I can get distracted pretty easily.” 

Something Allen was looking forward to the rest of the school year was “being able to spend it with the people that I went through high school with. I wanted to be able to have fun on the Belle trip, Senior Prom, or any senior activities. I was really looking forward to graduation because I would be able to say “I made it”. “What I miss most about Butler is the teachers. I miss seeing them smile or laugh with the students. I miss seeing certain teachers that I would be able to personally talk to if I had a problem. The BIG thing I really miss is being able to make memories in each classroom each year with the classmates.”