Senior Complications

Olivia Patterson

There is no amount of words that can truly explain what our class of 2020 Seniors is feeling right about now. The disappointment when they realize that something they have worked so hard for, for so many years, to graduate and be congratulated for all their accomplishments, to be pulled right out from under their feet. To have looked forward to your senior prom with some of the people they have grown the closet to, to be canceled. Their dresses and tux that will never be worn. All the things that the traditional Senior year was supposed to be, was taken away by a virus.

For some of our seniors this means more than just not being about to go to school and see their friends, for some this means that their Junior year was the last time they will ever step on a field or run another meet. The Seniors that are realizing that they will never step foot in another highschool as a student again. The many things that make Senior year the best times of so many people’s lives is being taken away from them. All they truly wanted was to have the Senior year of their lives. 

They will have different stories of what their Senior year was, they will have school online and a widespread pandemic. They will remember teachers coming around putting signs in their yards recognizing them for being a Senior and having google meets with their teachers. They will have delayed graduations and even the possibility of an online ceremony. Their last year of school will be one to remember even if it’s not how they expected. 

Butler is doing a lot to help congratulate and honor our Seniors during this time. Teachers went around with signs sticking them in the yards of many hoping to shed a little light on the situation. They’re reaching out to them by chatting on google meets and through emails. Even the teachers are having a hard time knowing they won’t see their students again in their classrooms or in the hall, and didn’t get a proper goodbye. But, they are truly doing all that they can to help this unpredicted and stressful time be the best that it can be.