Memorable Senior

Abby Templeman

Butler High School has many amazing seniors, but one of these seniors is Mallory French. Mallory isn’t involved in many things at school, but she loves her school. She has made some amazing memories during her four years at Butler. She would also like to shout out her family for making her senior year more enjoyable even through the tough circumstances. I interview her, asking a few questions such as:


Q: What is your favorite memory at Butler?

A: My favorite memory has been walking at all of the bear walks my four years.


Q: What was your favorite class at school?

A: Taking advanced PE my senior year.


Q: Do you have any favorite teachers?

A: My favorite has always been Mr. Nord.


Q: Are you currently employed?

A: Yes I work at Kroger and I love my job!


Q: What have you been doing during quarantine?

A: During quarantine I am working and exercising a lot.


Q: How are you staying positive?

A: I’m staying positive by just knowing there’s hope through all this.