Presley Metcalfe: Hardworking Student (By: Ashley Kerfoot)

During junior and senior year is when most students begin to get jobs. Balancing a job and school can be hard for most, but Presley Metcalfe, a senior here at Butler, makes it seem pretty easy. While working around 30-40 hours a week, she maintains a 3.3 GPA. Even though work is basically all she does outside of school, Presley has been working at Texas Roadhouse for about a year now and she loves it. The atmosphere is home-like and she says her coworkers are like her family so she wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Even though she is usually exhausted from work, Presley makes sure she is here at school as much as possible. She’s involved in yearbook and the allied health program here. Presley has been in yearbook for both her junior and senior year. She joined yearbook in hopes of bettering her photography and writing skills and with the hope that she’d branch out of her comfort zone.
She loves being a part of the yearbook staff because it has helped her make so many new friends and it has showed her that you can have so many different people come together to make and publish something beautiful. Even though she loves all of the yearbook staff Presley says, “The best thing about yearbook is the teacher. Mrs. Jones has such a kind heart and she’s always been there for each and every member of the staff.”
Not only is Presley involved in the allied health program, but she’s also involved in the MNA (Medicaid Nurse Aid) class, which is a part of the program. She says, “The allied health program and the MNA course is very precise. It’s not technically hard, you just have to do everything a certain way because that’s how you have to do it in the real world.”
Presley loves the class because it teaches you how things have to be done in order to be successful in the nursing field. The class has been fun because they learn new things each day that they didn’t know before and it gives the students many opportunities to go out into the real world to test out the skills you’ve just learned in the class. You actually get a closer look at everything instead of just learning out of a book. If you are interested in going into the nursing or medical field, Presley recommends you take the allied health class as an elective next year!

After high school, Presley plans to go to IUS for a nursing degree. The nursing program only accepts a limited amount of people so she hopes she is accepted. Presley hopes to get a career in nursing in some form of field with babies or children. “I love kids and I love to help others,” she added. She got accepted into IUS, which is her top choice college, with just an 18 on the ACT! That shows you that test grades and the ACT aren’t the end of everything. With all that she has learned in allied health and MNA, she feels she will be just fine in college and maybe even ahead of some of her classmates. She feels that these electives at Butler have really prepared her for her future in college. She plans to attend IUS for 4 years and get her BSN. Presley is excited to see what the future has in store for her.