Boys Basketball State Experience (By: Rontrell Powell)

The butler boys basketball played so amazing this year that they made it to state. state is where boys basketball compete to see who’s the best in their state and butler this year won regionals and made it to state. I wanted to see how students/the fans felt about the boys accomplishment. I asked a few students a couple questions.

Q: how was your experience at state (Evan Taylor) A: “it was really fun being able to cheer my team on and being able to see the boys do good and also the intensity of the arena when we played”
I asked another student(Justin Mitchell) a couple questions as well Q: what was the best part about state A: “the best part had to be when we were down and the student section started cheering and we came back and won, in my eyes that was the best part”
Lastly I asked Dexter Davis how state could’ve got better A: “It was straight it really didn’t need to change except just to win it all next time other than that it was perfect in my eyes the boys played their heart out and I can’t fault them for that”
Overall state was amazing and a great experience I most definitely would want to go again and I believe we will with the boys basketball working as hard as they do. In my eyes they played very good and impressed a lot of people.