Addy McNeil


Photo taken by: Stacy Williams (Addy up to bat at Ulmer Stadium)

Addy is a 15 year-old sophomore at Butler Traditional High School. One of the most influential people in Addy’s life is her mom: “She has taught me many life lessons and made into the person I am today.” Addy describes herself as caring, athletic, and optimistic. She likes to hang out with her friends, family, and go to the lake.

Addy plays softball for Butler; she’s #42 on the field, playing outfield and 2nd base too. Addy is one of our fastest runners on the team and is really good at slapping. When asked what motivates her with softball and she said, “I would say that me pushing myself to be the best, because over the years there have been people that have told me that I will never be good enough or other negative things and that just makes me want to work harder to prove them wrong.” Addy is very competitive; she always wants to win and won’t settle for less. After high school she wants to be a pediatrician and she’s going to pursue her dreams.