Kaylee Lowe (By: Meagan Wilson)


Butler is filled with talented athletes. One of our standouts are Kaylee Lowe, a senior who plays volleyball. She plays as a 6 rotation pin hitter; you will see her play all around the court racking up kills and passes. Using height as her advantage, 6’2”, she hits over most blocks in the front row. This also lets her get a good view of the spots that are open on the court. Not only does Kaylee play in the front row, but she also competes in the back row using agility to get to the ball. As a leader, Kaylee sets standards for the girls and helps them on the court. Her goals for team is to get better everyday, as they lost 8 seniors previously. Another focus is her team’s chemistry. To Kaylee, this team is like a family and they’re all super close! Everyone is a team player and can take the criticism.

Kaylee’s love for volleyball developed when her dad took her to a University of Louisville volleyball game. She watched Lola Arslandbekova and was idolized. After that game she decided to play volleyball, so she tried out her 6th grade year and made the team. She has been playing ever sense. Her favorite thing about volleyball is the big kills and blocks. She says that the moment you go up for a hit when everything feels right, and you hit you the ball perfectly, hearing that ball hit the ground a second later is one of the best feelings in volleyball. She also loves to block, the team hypes up and the energy is ecstatic. As for college, Kaylee is undecided on whether not she wants to continue her volleyball career. This may come to a surprise to most, but Kaylee is interested in rowing! Michigan State University approached her about rowing at a volleyball tournament. At first she thought it was crazy, but then it clicked. She loves the lake, being on the boat, and competition. She gave it a chance and is now talking to the University of Louisville for rowing. She hopes to play for their team when she goes to college.