Munty Alisawi (By: Eric Swann)

Munty Alisawi (By: Eric Swann)

​This is the inspiring fitness journey of Senior Munty Alisawi. For Munty, it all started 8th grade year. When school begun, in his final year of middle school, he was really insecure about himself at 205lbs and by the end of the year he had dropped down to 140lbs. He realized that even though he lost all that weight he still wasn’t happy. He was super skinny and looked very unhealthy, because all he did to lose the weight was not eat. Munty had an epiphany and realized that no exercise at all, and lack of knowledge concerning dietary nutrition, was not going to work anymore.

He decided to start working out his freshman year of high school but didn’t really stick with it. Losing motivation, he only worked out for a month and stopped. Later on, in his first year of high school, Munty decided that it was time to get serious and start a journey: his fitness journey.

Muntys sophomore year of high school he got his own gym membership at planet fitness, where he went five times a week! Hungry to learn, and filled with motivation, he started to gain more knowledge everyday about nutrition, exercise and overall health. Munty slowly progressed, but with hard work, many months, and consistency he transformed himself into a newer, better, stronger Munty.

He is always seeking to get better, and his drive deep within inspires him to become better everyday. He now works at a new gym called Crunch Fitness on Dixie Highway. Not only is it a job to Munty, but also a place where he can go in his free time to hit the weights himself. Munty says that he spends more time at the gym than he does at his own home and he doesn’t mind it at all. “What used to be a task later became a hobby and now it’s my passion” Munty said.

This dedicated Butler Bear loves to motivate loves to motivate people and help them reach their goals, especially if they’re fitness related. He plans on getting his personal trainer certificate as soon as he turns 18, and instead of working front desk at Crunch Fitness. He’ll join the personal training team. Munty’s goal in life is to simply be successful, make his parents proud and open up a gym of his own where he will continue to inspire and help his members achieve their goals.