Nolan Foushee (By: Tori Hartlage)

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This is Nolan Foushee. He is part of Butler’s Cross Country Team. Nolan has been running since the 3rd grade, at Eisenhower Elementary. There, he had one of the best coaches ever, who made him fall in love with the sport. Ever since then, he has grown as a runner. These past two weekends, Butler’s Cross Country Team has finished first place both times. Nolan finished first overall in the race at Hardin County Fairgrounds on 9/14.

Throughout high school, Nolan has had 6 stress fractures. Thanks to the support of his teammates, he is now healthy and able to run, injury free. One teammate from the past that impacted Nolan the most is Collin Sheffield. Nolan has ran with the 2019 Butler grad since they were both at Farnsley Middle School. Collin has taught him how to handle himself mentally and physically. Nolan knows he can always count on Collin, to this day, for anything. He has been a huge role model to Nolan for years now. To make himself run harder, Nolan competes with Collins times because he wants to be as good as he was.

​For pre-meet rituals, Nolan has had the same routine since he started running: he has to eat a pack of skittles and he takes an ice bath for 20 minutes the night before each race. For new runners, Nolan would tell them that “running isn’t for everyone, but for a starter, you just have to go out and do it. Not everyone will be amazing from the start, you have to have patience because it’s not about the process, it’s about the product.”

Nolan and his teammates run this Saturday in the Chick-fi-la Invitational, where they plan to strive for first place again!  Go Bears! ​