Forensics Class

Forensics has become a popular class among seniors here at Butler. In class, students get to solve crime scenes and investigate. Mr. Ruggles, the Forensics teacher, will sometimes set up fake crime scenes in the lab and the students have to attempt to solve the crime. They also learn about different types of handwriting, fingerprints, bones, and blood. Students love how fun and interesting the class can be.

I had the chance to talk to senior Reese Robinson about his favorite crime scene they’ve done this year. His favorite was when they made a crime scene using blood splatters. “We got into groups and chose what type of crime scene we wanted to construct. My group chose to make it look like someone was shot. We all then collaborated and brought stuff in to make a scene with a white t-shirt. We made holes in the t-shirt and put fake blood splatters on it using a metal thing so it would look like it was gunshot wounds,” said Robinson. “I thought it was a fun project to do with my group.”
If you are an underclassmen, and you are needing more electives for your schedule, I would highly suggest taking Forensics your senior year.