Veterans Day Program

Every year Butler celebrates the Veterans who once served our country. This year is the 18th annual commemoration to the Veterans of our students. We take great pride in our eventful ceremony and luncheon each year. Many believe that this year’s program was the best one yet, and here’s why:
This years was one of the largest attending Veterans Day Programs yet! The senior class of 2019 and junior class of 2020 made this event even more special. Giving the opportunity to the junior and senior class to attend this amazing event allows them to gain respect and honor our Veterans in this country.

The program has multiple parts honoring the Veterans of each branch individually. The program consists of a performance by the choir and band, a guest speaker, two oral communications student recitals, and a speech given by the Battalion Commander, C/LTC Adam Vititoe, and Battalion Executive Officer, C/MAJ Marlee Anderson, of JROTC.
The choir and band perform multiple songs including: “The Star Spangled Banner,” “God Bless America,” and the fan favorite, “Armed Forces Medley.” The “Armed Forces Medley” is a song dedicated to each of the branches of service; Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force. The song as a whole consists of each branch of the military’s fight song.
This year, three oral communications students: Katie Barker, Garrett Decker, and Ashanti Scott, all recited a poem of honor to the Veterans. I asked Katie Barker what it was like to speak in front of that big of a crowd and this was her response:
“I was very nervous for speaking in front of that many people. I am extremely confident reciting my speeches in class but knowing that I was going to speak in front of hundreds of people! I was honored that Mrs. Graham asked me to speak at such an honorable event. Many Veterans came up to me after the program and told me how well I did and I was glad that I could make them feel honored and welcome.”
I also asked C/MAJ Marlee Anderson how she felt, being a strong advocate for the JROTC program as well as a participant, speaking in front of such a large audience. This was her response:
“I am very passionate about JROTC. I look forward to this day every year. This year was very special to me because I was able to speak in front of so many Veterans and let them know how much we appreciate them. I was a little bit nervous because I had to speak in front of not only the Veterans, but all of the junior and senior class. Although I was nervous, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity.”
Both C/MAJ Marlee and Katie were a big part of making this program special and Butler is very thankful to have them take part in this wonderful event.
As well as Marlee and Katie, Butler was fortunate enough to have Rear Admiral Gene F. Price come and speak. Rear Admiral Gene F. Price was a Commander, Naval Information Force Reserve. After he spoke to the Veterans and student body, Butler gave him a token of honor- a Louisville Slugger bat painted as the American flag. We were very thankful that he made time to come and honor our Veterans and let the juniors and seniors know how valuable they are to society.
The Veteran’s Day Program of 2018 will definitely be a program that will be remembered specifically for all of the people that attended. We are grateful of Mr. Allen for letting us host this amazing event each year in honor of our Veterans. We are also grateful for the entire JROTC staff and students that make this event possible year after year. So incoming juniors and seniors, make next year’s Veteran’s Day Program as wonderful as this one by coming next year!