Friends Forever

Dalicia Newbolt and Sierra Myers got paired together this year for best buddies. I got the chance to sitdown and ask them some questions. I got to learn about some things they love to do together along with their plans to hang out. Their love for each other is going to make this a great friendship!
Some things Sierra and Dalicia have in common is, going to get ice-cream, going out to eat, and going out and having fun. They are planning on using their common love for things to bring them closer. They are both hoping to become best friends and make tons of memories!

They met in August of 2018, Sierra’s senior year of high school. They met when Sierra became a peer tutor for Mrs. Foley. Dalicia is also in Mrs. Foleys class, so Sierra spent a lot of time working with her, and she enjoyed every second of the class.
Sierra joined best buddies because she always enjoyed seeing all the kids in the hallway, but she never got a chance to be close to them, but as soon as she became a peer tutor, everything changed for her. “I fell in love with the kids, and now plan to be a special needs teacher. They are the smile on the bad days, and my day would be very different without them.”
When they got paired, they were super excited, she loved seeing her every day in first period. Even though she already saw her at school she was even more excited to hang out with her outside of school as her buddy.
I also had the chance to talk to Jillian Lockhart. She is paired with kiki Sullivan this year. They knew each other for two years before getting paired together. When they got paired they were both excited because they loved each other so much. I got the chance to find out a lot about their amazing friendship!
They have already hung out many times outside of school. Some of their favorite things they did together was going to the movies and out to eat. They also sit together at lunch every day. They plan on doing a lot more together. They want to go see more movies and get their nails done.
Jillian joined best buddies because she heard about how fun it is to be a part of this club. Also, she had a close relationship to a lot of the people in best buddies. Jillian also told me joining best buddies was one of the best parts of her senior year!
If you have never been a part of best buddies I highly suggest you join. We do a lot together as a community so everyone has a chance to do something. When you are a part of this club there is never a dull moment. Keep best buddies in your mind as a club for next year !