What’s in your backpack?

This year JCPS decided that they wanted every 5th , 8th , and 12th grader to create a Backpack Defense and present it in order to graduate. With this being new,  we are the Guinea Pigs of this to see how it goes and if JCPS likes it.  Alyssa Keen is another one of many students who had to present and defend her JCPS student backpack. She has just recently presented hers on March 21st at 12:15 , I had asked her before she presented it how she had prepared herself to speak and show how she has learned and deserved to graduate and this is her response “ I had practiced speaking in front on several of my classes and also in front of my parents at home”.  I also asked her how she felt about presenting it and Alyssa commented “ I was very nervous but also ready to get it over with so I can focus on graduating and enjoying the rest of my senior year”!