Welcoming Mr. Foust (By: Eric Swann)

Picture Taken by: Chris Mattingly

Picture Taken by: Chris Mattingly

This is Wyatt Foust. A first year teacher here at Butler and the new girls basketball coach! He is from Gary, Indiana and previously taught at Murray. This is his 4th year as a teacher and he enjoys challenging his students on every level of the spectrum to assist them in reaching their full potential. Coach Foust also likes helping students achieve great motivation and breakthroughs in their lives; he respects teaching students of all levels. Coach likes to incorporate fun and creative lessons into teaching to spice the classroom up and not bore students to death with constitution-long lectures.

He has been coaching for 10 years and started his basketball coaching career as an assistant coach for Division II Kentucky Wesleyan College at just 21 years of age! This starter job really catapulted his career and allowed him to gain exposure and experience to achieve other jobs. Wyatt has also coached college girls and high school boys. He not only wants to win and instill a winning mentality into his players but he wants to change his players lives more importantly by providing them with life lessons and morals that prepares them for the future.

Mr.Foust has a Bachelors In Biology from Ky Wesleyan, a Masters in Recreational/ Sport Admin from WKU, and a Masters in Teaching from Georgetown.

His decision to leave Murray after even buying a house and getting ready to settle in was a tough one. But Mr.Foust explained that Butler would have simply been the only job he would have considered leaving Murray for and he ultimately decided to hop on board over here. He loves that Butler holds true to its strong academics and talented sports teams and loves the tradition of our school.

Mr.Foust is a devout Christian and spends time involved with FCA here at Butler. He hopes that through his faith he can help and inspire students. He enjoys reading books about motivation, teaching, coaching, leadership and is constantly on the hunt for new knowledge because he strongly values education.

Coach Foust has a soft spot for students who call him later down the road and thank him for having a major impact on their life and future. He believes education is a preparation for life and he wants his students to be successful in any path they decide to take.

He finds a way to motivate each and everyone of his students by being open-minded to every single student and tries to get out of his comfort zone and try get into touch with his students developing a sense of trust through a personal relationship that could correlate to better understanding of the teaching. Mr.Foust wants to be able to reach all of his students in the classroom and all of his players on the court. So everyone, let’s Welcome Mr. Wyatt Foust to Butler! ​​