Halle McNeil (By: Katie Templeman)


Halle is a 15 year old girl who is a sophomore at Butler Traditional High School. Halle describes herself as energetic, positive, supportive, and happy. If you don’t know Halle, Halle is a Cheerleader for our Butler sports teams. The cheerleading team cheers for the football team, and boys and girls basketball. Halle’s position in cheer is the side base. She is on the left side under the flyer.

Halle has been on the cheer team for six years. I asked Halle what her biggest role model is and she said, “I think that my biggest role model would have to be my mom because she has always believed in me and pushes me to become the best person I can be.” Halle is very competitive because she loves the feeling of winning. She is motivated in cheer by, “The thought that I can be so good but I need to work to do that. I have a team that depends on me and that I depend on them.” Her major accomplishment in cheer is the bond she made with her team and seeing how far they have came. Halle describes the cheer group as a “Group of strong determined ladies who work hard and that are the most supportive people you’d ever met, we all have a bond that honestly feels like sisters. Also that we never let anything stop us from achieving what we work and strive for.”
In Halle’s freetime she likes to spend time with her family and hanging out with her friends. Her dream after High School is to work in the medical field. She hopes to pursue cheerleading in college. If you see Halle in the hall, make sure you stop and say “Hey!”