Dual Credit Debate Party! (By: Eric Swann)


With the Kentucky Governor Election coming up on November 5th, Butler Traditional High School teacher Jonathan Joseph hosted a debate watch party for his senior Dual Credit American Government class. It featured current Governor of our state, Matt Bevin, and current Attorney General of our state, Andy Beshear.
The two candidates debated gambling and the intangibles of casinos, the Kentucky budget, the pensions for our teachers and the education system in our commonwealth. Matt Bevin called Andy Beshear a liar multiple times and claimed he tells false stories and false statistics. He also claimed Beshear makes promises that he can’t keep. Andy slandered Matt for his derogatory comments against educators around the state.

Andy proposed medical marijuana, how to bring more jobs to the rural areas and not just in the golden triangle: Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky. Andy claimed that healthcare is a basic human right and that he’s even fighting the federal government, fighting pharmaceutical companies and the opioid epidemic.

Throughout the debate both continued to blame and defame one another and critique each other’s proposals and plans. Matt Bevin brings up Andy Beshear’s children in three straight debates attending private school while Andy claims he is for Public Education. Andy claims Matt refuses to release his tax returns stating it’s not obsolete behavior of a leader or Governor of the great state of Kentucky. Andy claimed to have released his every year providing transparency.

As numbers, facts, supposed lies, proposals, and promises are thrown around, the debate comes to an end. It was an excellent time for some of the brightest students around Butler to get educated on the problems around the state of Kentucky, outside of Louisville. It gave them the chance to hear the plans of Matt Bevin and Andy Beshear, and to see who they support and who they want to vote for.