New Open House Format is a Success!


Emma Simpson

For the second year in a row, Butler opened their doors to the middle schoolers of JCPS. Last year, the format was changed to a more laid back open door approach allowing families and students to walk freely around the building getting to know the aspects of Butler.

In this format, the clubs, activities and athletics of the school were set up in the two gyms and subjects were spread around the building. Students and staff manned tables and classrooms ready to answer any question that the families would have. Specific rooms and staff members were stationed in classrooms to answer any questions about the application process and specifically how to enroll at Butler.

Feedback from families and middle school students was great, parents loved the ability to have any and all questions answered while interacting with the staff and students.  Last year was the first year for this new format, the number of families attending doubled and this year that number grew another 13%. Needless to say, the new format has been a success and next year we hope to build on this number.

The mastermind behind the change was new Athletic Director, Coach Just. When asked the thoughts behind the switch, he replied, “We felt like before we were kind of in a routine where they had to be here when the open house started or they missed information. So now this was a format that kind of allowed them to come and go according to their schedules and not so much our schedule.” Coaches were especially thrilled with the turnout and format. We talked to Coach Carrillo the Head Boys Soccer Coach and he said, “I like it because it gives parents options as far as when they want to come in the window from five thirty to eight. I like the freedom it offers parents.”

Next year, Butler will hope to build on the successes of the Open House and include more aspects of the school in the event. Showcasing the great things about Butler is how to  get students interested in being a part of our school community.