No Research Paper this year??


Jacob Presenting his PSA on School Bus Safety

Erin Templeman

This year the class of 2020 tried a new graduation requirement with an Annotated Bibliography and a Public Service Announcement instead of the traditional research paper. It Includes a topic of the students choice and background information about the topic (which is the research part of the project). It also includes a poster, video, radio ad, and or a PowerPoint presentation. After it was completed the students then had to present their PSA to the class. I Interviewed 2 students to see what they thought about this project and how it benefits them in the future. 

Jacob VanArsdale, a Senior in Mrs. Elders class, did  his PSA on School Bus Safety. His favorite part of the PSA was getting up in front of the class and presenting his project. He also liked putting together the video because he felt very passionate about his topic. He also said “ The PSA research project taught me how to do in-depth research and the ability to create a video on my PSA. Not to mention it helped my backpack skills and public speaking skills.”

Emily Hinton, a Senior in Mrs. Barns English class, did her PSA on Suicide Prevention. She said that she liked how the PSA project was and how it was much easier to learn how to to complex research without all the stress of an actual research paper. She also liked how this prepared us for future research papers in college and how we learned to properly cite them as well.

In conclusion Students seem to like the PSA projects better than the research paper because it gives them more life skills and creative freedom to express their topics.