The Man Behind The Tickets


Photo of Chris and Mr.Ingram

Chris Mattingly

“Get your dance/game/dress down day ticket!” Chances are, if you are or have ever been, a part of Butler, in some fashion, you have heard that phrase before. But do you know the man behind the tickets? I recently had the chance to sit down with the beloved Mr. Sonny Ingram to get to know him even more than I already did. He does a lot more at Butler besides selling tickets.

In 1997, what started out as “just putting his name in the hat for a job” has turned into an illustrious 23 years and counting, at Butler, for Mr.Ingram. Before becoming the Security Guard and  Assistant Athletic Director (AAD), Ingram was an ECE assistant for two years here. He says he really enjoyed that role, along with being a unified basketball coach for five seasons, with one undefeated. In 1999, Ingram moved into his current roles: the one who keeps us all safe and the jack of all trades.

Ingram says, “So far, in his 23 years, he has worked under 3 AD’s.” The first being Dan Scheper, followed by Mike Crawley and now, the newly appointed AD, two-time state basketball champion coach, Larry Just. Some of Mr. Ingrams tasks as AAD is to make sure the “show runs smoothly.”  He mows the field, sells tickets and helps clean-up after each event. His many  responsibilities make for long nights here at school, but he enjoys it. His favorite sport is basketball. He calls himself a “basketball junkie.”  He “couldn’t do his job well, without the help of his friends,” including Mr. Perry, who can be seen at the ticket table at pretty much every sporting event. Ingram also gives credit to Ms. Bonnie Davis, our Attendance Clerk. “That’s my right hand, during the school day…We help each other and both make sure the day goes perfectly.” Most everyone he started out with at Butler, in 1997, has retired; nonetheless, he’s “blessed to work with so many amazing students and staff.” He loves being a positive role model for the kids.

Ingram has four more years to go at Butler until he retires. He’s not certain what he will do when that day comes, but plans on traveling with his wife. For now, Mr.Ingram just wants to keep on smiling, while being someone the students can look-up to and talk to on a daily basis.

Keep on being sunny, Mr.Ingram! Go Bears!!