A girl who leaves her heart on the court


Katie Templeman

A seventeen year old girl named Alexis Evans is a senior at Butler Traditional High School. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, watch Netflix, and watch football or basketball games. Alexis describes herself as hard working, dedicated, determined, caring, loyal, and honest. Her major accomplishments are getting honors roll, being in Beta Club, and becoming district champs in volleyball for Butler. 

I asked Alexis who she looks up to and she said, “I look up to my mom because she has taught me to never give up and to always follow my dreams.” If you don’t know Alexis, she plays volleyball for Butler. She is on the varsity team and she’s number 16 on the court. Her volleyball number is 16 because it has been her favorite number ever since she was little. She has been playing volleyball for eight years.

Alexis plays on a travel volleyball club team called the Legacy. The role she plays in volleyball is defensive specialist (DS) and right hitter. A DS is responsible for getting the ball to the setter. A right hitter is responsible for hitting the ball over the net. I asked Alexis what motivates her to push herself in volleyball and she said, “My parents and my love for the sport has always pushed me.” Alexis is very competitive because, “I hate to lose and I get mad when we are losing, especially if I know we can win.” She describes the volleyball team as “We’re not only teammates, but we’re a family. We are all here for each other no matter what.”

Alexis dreams to go to the University of Louisville medical school after high school. She doesn’t want to play volleyball in college because she decided it was time for a break. Her favorite saying is, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13.