The Voice of the Veterans Program


Meagan Wilson

On Monday, November 11, Butler celebrated the veterans in the community. Butler has been running this program for 11 years. This year Ellee Weisenberger had the chance to speak at this ceremony. When she found out she would get the opportunity to speak at the program, Ellee rehearsed her speech over and over again. She even asked for criticism from her peers to make sure she was ready to speak in front of an audience.

Ellee has been a part of JROTC since freshman year. At her time in this program, she has respectfully earned her title as the battalion commander of the Butler Army Junior ROTC program. The battalion commander is the most demanding in the program. JROTC instructors chose this cadet by their leadership skills, academic standing, and maturity. Once chosen, the cadet must be able to apply common sense and judgement when solving problems that affect the Battalion as a whole. After highschool, Ellee plans on going to college and participate in the Senior ROTC program. Her goal is to become an Army OBGYN/gynecologist.

Ellee also got to share her moment with her uncle, Sergeant First Class Terry Riggs (RET). He inspired Ellee to join the ROTC program, and was ecstatic that Ellee got to speak this year. She really looks up to him as an individual, which made her want to follow in his footsteps. When I asked about his story, Ellee informed that he was originally in the Marine corps. He soon realized that this branch wasn’t for him. He later enlisted into the army where he found the spot for him.

Ellee’s favorite part of the ceremony was giving the guest speaker, LTC/ Joseph W. Fischer (RET), his award. He honestly was not expecting to receive anything from Butler. His reaction really made her day. Ellee was amazing in the program, as were her peers. It’s an honor for Butler to have such admirable leaders at a young age.