New Schedule for MAP Testing


Emma Simpson

Another round of MAP Testing is coming in the next week. This time the schedule will be changing to a much more simple format. Instead of having to go to all 8 periods in the day, students will only be going to 4 in a block schedule format. On one day, students will be going to odd periods and evens on another day.

Teachers and students are full of opinions on the best way to adjust the schedule to fit testing time periods into it. The previous schedule with shortened 20 minute periods was still not enough to finish the test on those longer periods, so the new format was planned.

It is very possible that this schedule will also be used in some way for midterms to end the 3rd 6 weeks in December. In the new format, classes will be approximately 90 minutes long and 3rd period will be longer to include the lunches. The proposed schedule is attached. This will allow for most students to finish their testing. Needless to say, this is a rough draft and it may be adjusted in the future.

We had the opportunity to talk to the school’s master of testing, Ms. Callaway. She said, “Since we are on an eight period day it’s easy to split it down the middle, four periods one day and four periods the next. We’re hoping that by allowing students to have ninety minutes mostly everybody will be able to finish within that first block and we won’t have all of that makeup testing at the end. Especially since it’s the end of the semester as well.”

Students have differing opinions. We spoke to an anonymous student who said, “I dislike the map testing schedule because it is hard for me to stay focused in certain subjects for as long as we are supposed to be in those classes.” Another anonymous student stated, “I like the new layout of the map testing because it gives me more time to complete my test and not rush it.”