This Bears Last Ride


Meagan Wilson

For most of the senior class, their athletic career is coming to an end. One of these seniors is Laura Johns, a Sugar Bear. Laura has been dancing since she was three years old. It’s something she can’t remember not doing. Growing up her main inspiration for dance was her sister, former Sugar Bear Rachel Johns. But now, Laura says that she inspires herself to keep dancing.

Laura treasures all the memories she’s had on the Sugar Bears. She enjoyed going to nationals in Orlando her freshman year, and winning state last year. But her favorite memory is being with her teammates. All the fun moments and hard practices were worth it because of the girls she was surrounded with. She is content ending her season with all the friendships she’s made and success at competitions. Laura is aware of how bitter sweet her last competition will be, but she is ready for her future.

After graduation, Laura plans to attend college and go into the medical field. She’s contemplating on being a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. With that being said, Laura will sadly end her dancing career. But no matter what, Laura will always be a Sugar Bear at heart.