The Ambitious Athlete


Katie Templeman

A very talented seventeen year old girl, Savannah Swift, is a senior at Butler Traditional High School. Savannah is very bubbly and outgoing. She is involved in many activities in and outside of school. Savannah has been loving to swim since the age of four but has recently just joined the swim team for Butler.

I had the opportunity to ask Savannah “What motivates you to push yourself in swimming?” and she said, “Swimming when I’m worn out motivates me because I feel like it is helping me get better and better each day.” She is very competitive and has been around competitive sports her entire life; she was a competitive cheerleader and has been to many competitions. I asked Savannah “what roles do you do in swimming?” and she said, “I swim breaststroke and freestyle.” The swim team practices three days a week not including swimming meets and their practices are not as easy as you think. Savannah’s had many accomplishments in swim but her biggest was getting first place in the 50 freestyle.

Savannah describes the swimming team as a “big group of friends.” In her freetime, she likes to work out and stay active. I asked Savannah “how hard do you have to train for swimming?” and she said, “I have to train a lot to keep my endurance up.” Savannah plans to go to Spaulding University to become a labor and delivery nurse and also plans to swim in college.