Determination On and Off the Court


Erin Templeman

Kira Girton is a senior here at Butler. She is currently on the girls basketball team and involved in Sources of strength. Many would describe her as a “Goofy, caring, and loveable girl”.  Her role model is Coach K because she teaches people to never give up and keep going until you physically can’t go anymore. The Person who has influenced her to play basketball was her dad. Kira started playing the game she loves when she was in the 4th grade.

Most athletes have a story behind their number; Kira’s jersey number is 12, but it was 15 because that’s how long her biological mother has been gone since she passed away. Her goal is to graduate high school, to go to college and get a degree in criminal justice, and to make something of herself in the future. She also plans to continue to play basketball for as long as she can. Kira is a good team leader because she hates to see someone struggle, she always helps out when she can. She said “Playing at Butler is a privilege because it’s a great school and I want to leave it with something people will remember me by.” She also said that Butler was the best choice she made to attend high school, and also taught her a valuable lesson. “If you work for something, then you are destined to get it.”