A Voice from Choir


Tori Hartlage

This is Kylee Byrne. Kylee has participated in Butlers Choir program, concert Choir, and is currently the Choir President. She has done many years of All County Choir for the school. Kylee has participated in Choir all four years of her High School Career.

Kylee Started Choir when she was in the third grade. She started for many reasons but her main reason was because she has always loved to sing when she was little and it has always been apart of her life; she wanted to do something in high school that she really enjoyed doing. During her choir career she has met many new people that has blossomed into friendships; she has made many new friends that are like family far away from home. Kylees favorite thing about choir is how mentally challenging it is yet it is a great form of art.

Some traditions that Butler has for choir is a senior circle which happens when Butler does there senior takeover day. It has always been an emotional time for students and especially it will be for Kylee this year, it will be full of emotions since this will be Kylee’s last year. Her biggest inspiration is our choir teacher Mr. Monsma because he has supported her throughout the years and he has even pushed her to become a future choir student somewhere else. Kylee plans to attend Transylvania University next year for music education and to also participate on their field hockey team