The Experience of KYA


Katie Templeman

Caroline Bell is a senior at Butler Traditional High School. In her free time Caroline likes to read mystery novels and do artwork. I asked Caroline how she would describe herself and she said, “Kind, creative, and smart. I would also consider myself an introverted-extrovert.” Caroline’s  role model is her paternal grandpa, “He was so determined and always worked hard. He never let anything stop him from doing what he wanted. He was also involved with politics and enjoyed art. Both are things that I love.”

Caroline has currently participated in the KYA (Kentucky Youth Assembly) group at Butler for 3 years. Caroline says, “Being in KYA is amazing. It’s always great to have a club or group of people who enjoy the same things you’re passionate about, and KYA is just that. Everyone is so involved and ready to come up with their own bills and debate. We’re all interested with politics or government in some way.” For two KYA’s, Caroline’s job was being a regular delegate; she said “For one KYA I was a committee chair, which sat in the front of a committee and read bill titles and I had to keep track of time.” I asked Caroline what has been one of your major accomplishment in KYA and she said, “Me being in KYA gave me the opportunity to be invited and go to the 2019 session of ALA (American Legion Auxiliary) Kentucky Girls state.

KYA is a three-day conference that’s held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel by the Kentucky Expo Center. Caroline said, “In the past, there have only been three High School KYA conferences. This year Butler attended the first High School KYA 4. On the first and third day, we are at the hotel in committees. On the second day, we travel to the capital building in Frankfort to debate bills in the House and Senate.” Caroline describes the KYA group as “one of a kind”. Every year the group gains and loses members, but the spirit of the group is almost always the same. “Everyone is so kind and supportive of everyone’s ideas, when we debate they are so involved and ready for it. This spirit and drive to get involved is due to our teachers Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Walker. They both encourage us to do bills and get more involved. They make the process and conference even better.” After High School Caroline’s dream is to have a job that combines and uses all her passions.