Once a Bear Always a Bear

Once a Bear Always a Bear

Tori Hartlage

We are sad to have to say goodbye to one of the most loved and adored staff of Butler Traditional High School. Bonnie Davis has worked at Butler for 16 years. There would never be a day that she wouldn’t put a smile on someone’s face. Everyone in the school absolutely loved her and all that she did to make Butler what it is now.

Mrs. Bonnie had the opportunity to give back to Suda E. what she had given back to her. When she was first hired, she quickly wanted to help with everything. At the time she was hired, her husband, John Davis, was coaching football at the time. That then led Bonnie to become the “team mom” of the football team and served the boys dinner before home games. Mrs. Bonnie also coached unified basketball, powder puff and sponsored the bowling team.

In 2008, Bonnie chaperoned the girls basketball team in Bowling Green and even wore the mascot suit at the State Championship.

In 2009, Bonnie was deemed cheer liaison and got to accompany those girls to state and she has her own state ring to prove it!

Mrs. Bonnie has also brought back Bonnie and Buster Bear after many years of being in the storage. The bear wear store is also because of her! She is the one who came up with the idea to form that storage space into a store for the school.

She has received yearbook dedication in 2010 and won the superlative of Ms. Butler because she was the most spirited in school when she attended Butler.

Mrs. Bonnie has lived some of her greatest years at Butler High School, and even some bad ones. She has celebrated wins, losses, heartbreaks, deaths, new babies, “coming outs”,and scandals! She survived the Lucas years and Jort’s Nation! She has been through 3 principals and 4 athletic directors while she worked here. Bonnie has given more diplomas to family members-hopefully she will give me mine also- than she can count.

Mrs. Bonnie has opened up to more joy through students and their families than she has ever dreamed. She has also watched as students would come back to Butler and become a teacher in this great place. Bonnie has worked with the greatest of the great! Many of them are Butler Legends. Above all, she has made life long friends, not just with former classmates and coworkers, but some of the best students and families in JCPS. “Man oh man, if these walls could talk! I love Butler. It’s my home. It’s my family”-Bonnie Davis