Everything about the Backpack!

Everything about the Backpack!

Chris Mattingly

It’s that time again for our seniors. Time to get everything ready for The Class Of 2020 JCPS Backpack Defense Presentations. This is a mandatory presentation in order to meet the requirements to graduate. This year instead of presenting out of English class the presentations will be out of either your career options or Financial literacy class. The presentations will be from February 25th to March 25th. The dress code for the defense is school uniform but you may have the option to dress up but it is not mandatory. Do what makes you comfortable for the defense! 

To find out when and where you will present your backpack simply go to your career options or financial literacy tab on Google Classroom. You will also find the rubric for how the presentation should be done in order to pass!  For any questions about the presentation see our wonderful academic instructional coach and backpack representative Mrs. Callaway. You could also direct any other questions to Mr Davis or Mrs. Crockett. 

“I really look forward to the sense of ownership and pride students have while giving their defense.” “The defense lends itself naturally to reflection and when students see all they have learned and accomplished it’s powerful” said Mrs. Callaway. “What I hope students achieve is the understanding that honest reflection about their strengths and growth areas is a skill that transcends a school assignment. It will serve them as a skill all their lives”. Good luck to all seniors! Go Bears! 

(Edited By: Trey Seibert)