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Butler Bears World of music Composers

October 11, 2019

Butler’s musical composition class is the best class for aspiring song writers and beginners looking to indulge in music further as an interest. It is essential towards learning the fundamentals of music and furthering your...

Aaron Lashley (By:Alyssa Jones)

October 11, 2019

Sophomore Aaron Lashley  is making big strides in Butler. Someone who is part of ROTC , and stays after 5 days a week. Aaron is making his name remembered in Butler. He keeps all A’s and B’s while practicing guitar and doing...

Zhane Rice Cummings:Star Member of KYA

October 11, 2019

KYA is one of butler’s most prominent but underrated programs. It’s often overlooked but this is a good opportunity to put it into the spotlight. KYA is a 3-day program that allows students to experience a simulation of government....

Presley Metcalfe: Hardworking Student (By: Ashley Kerfoot)

October 10, 2019

During junior and senior year is when most students begin to get jobs. Balancing a job and school can be hard for most, but Presley Metcalfe, a senior here at Butler, makes it seem pretty easy. While working around 30-40 hours...

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